Kristin Ess Working Texture Spray & Beach Wave Spray Set

MAGIC for your HAIR

As a 27 year old woman, i will admit that hair products was always the last thing on my mind. I have oily prone hair and thought if i had any product, it’ll just make it oily that much faster. I typically opt out of putting anything in my hair… that was until i tried this stuff.

Shout out to my bf for introducing me to this brand!

I naturally have curly hair but 9/10 my hair is straight. I don’t straighten my hair daily so this is where these products work their magic. The working texture spray works on every hair style; straight, curly or hot tool curled hair. I use this when i want messy hair ; and by messy i mean it’s totally intentional but i don’t want it to look like it is – you know what i’m talking about.  It adds the perfect amount of texture and grit without being crispy. Not to mention, the smell is also out of this world. I love that it’s matte so it doesn’t add any additional shine to the hair.

The beach wave spray is used only when I’ve already curled my hair and i want a little hold, shine and grit. Now, you might thinking “you have curly hair why do you curl it?” Honestly, it gives a completely different affect and the longevity don’t even compare. Natural curly hair is a lot of maintenance and it forces me to wash my hair way too many times in a week, which causes my hair to be brittle and my itchy scalp to start. So, i personally curl my hair with a wand on about third day hair, which buys me about another day or two before washing, since it holds on dirty hair best anyways.

Last but certainly not least, the french hair pin is absolutely stunning and truly the star of the show. If you’re like me and have a problem keeping hair ties in tact, you will love this! It’s sturdy, leaves no creases in your hair and instantly makes you look sophisticated which is all a plus in my book. Kristen explained how to insert the pin on her instagram story and thankfully so because i would’ve stared at it for a few minutes before going on YouTube and watching countless videos.

Overall, this set is well worth it’s price tag of $14 and I’m so happy with her products, i can’t wait to try more.

You can buy all things Kristen Ess at or her website. 




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      November 17, 2017 / 2:36 pm

      Thank you babe!

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