My Signature Style

Menswear is what I feel most comfortable in. If you see me out you’ll primarily find me in more masculine pieces. I know this style isn’t for everyone but it’s what works for me and my body type. I wanted to explain my style a little before I started to put out more fashion posts so you get a better understanding of what to expect in future posts/videos.


How I became confident in fashion.

Fashion is something i used to stay away from. I’m totally a basic girl and really had no problems with that until i reached about 20 years old. I tried any and every style known to man and within the last year or so I’ve really tried to hone in on what works for me and really create my signature style. What I hide vs what I accentuate plays a huge role in how I dress; I like baggier tops, and a baggier pant, like joggers. Weather permitting, I play up with different sweaters and blazers to complete the outfit. When I put an outfit on, I must feel confident, unrestricted and comfortable because really, that’s what’s practical.

Some basic questions I ask myself when shopping

⋅ Do I need it?

⋅ Is this timeless?

⋅ Is it flattering?

⋅ Do I have something similar?

⋅ Can I wear this for work and out?

⋅ Does this piece match with everything I have in my closet?


As you probably already know I love black, white and grey so my wardrobe is about 99% of that color scheme with occasional pops of blue and mustard. I like to shop for basic pieces, not only to help financially, but also because I like to play up on other things to make my outfit complete such as hair, jewelry or even my make up. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bell sleeve top and skinny jean from time to time and will show you how I style them to work for me!


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